-Jonathan Legacy Perez-
Jonathan Legacy Perez, was born July 10 in Brooklyn NY, and raised in Miami, FL with parents from Colombia, and is now residing in Los Angeles. Legacy, as his family and friends call him, has a huge obsession with learning and developing skills, that allow him to supersede in any activity.

Legacy is a World renown Bboy/Breakdancer, that has changed the game for street dancers alike. He made it to the finals of Fox’s’ hit TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. He is one of the first to completely learn the genres of dance that were given to him to conquer on the show. Legacy has worked with an endless list of artists, including Chris Brown, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and Rihanna, just to name a few. He has appeared on ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and feature films, such as the ‘Step Up’ franchise, ‘Green Hornet,’ ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Dance Flick’.

Being a self evaluator and constantly working on ways to improve himself, Legacy has always had an impact on any audience, whether through dance or inspirational speaking. A big part of his dreams is to motivate young people, and actually bridge the gap between those that are on the verge to becoming what they want in life, and helping them overcome the fears that he learned to overcome in order to find the beginning of his potential.

Legacy is the co-founder of Legacy Homevestments, LLC which was founded in 2013. The Real Estate Investment company has had great success in the short amount of time since its conception. A major part of his life is based upon the belief that, “Having a definitive purpose, a clearly defined dream, and developing a burning desire for its achievement,” is vital for attaining anything. Legacy continues to strive for greatness in hopes to reach excellence and is living proof that, “Anything the mind can conceive, if you believe, you can achieve’.